The Johns Hopkins community is reacting to the crisis

Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19. Johns Hopkins is not alone for her fight, but supports regional medical center and community practitioners. This website is to help distribute the JHU high-authoritative COVID-19 resources. It also showcases the efforts from the Hopkins Club and its members for the crisis relief.

Hopkins COVID-19

Johns Hopkins University’s all into resourceful website to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.

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The interactive dashboard was built by Dr Lauren Gardner and her graduate student, Ensheng Dong to track the COVID-19 outbreak as it unfolds. The Hopkins Club team supports the CSSE team for the data validation and verification.

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Open Course

The DYX online open course series is the world’s first to share COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment experience gained in Wuhan, the first epicenter. The medical transnational project is led by by the Hopkins Club

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Dr. Haiel

The most detailed map yet of COVID-19 test sites is still produced by the Hopkins team: the data includes 2,200 COVID-19 test sites in the United States, 3,100 hospitals that treated COVID-19, 3,000 county public health departments, and 13,000 federally supported clinics.

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Karma Action

We created Karma Action, a new and not-for-profit website that connects people who need basic supplies with those who want to gift them via online gift registries. Our website is English and in Spanish and has how-to-videos to explain the process.

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Oral History

The COVID-19 Oral History Project, launched on January 25th, 2020, is an online collection of interview audio clips, transcripts, and photographs of people who are experiencing and struggling with this pandemic from all over the world.

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Place Requests

Physicians, nurses, other medical practitioners and departmental users: place your request here.

To Supply

Anyone which can provide FDA-approved or other appropriate PPE, contact us here!

To Volunteer

Volunteers welcome! If you’d like to contrite to our efforts, join us! Give us your shout out!

Selective Activities Mediated by Us

1Western returned scholars associationRegular face mask2,000CSSAShi YigongComplete
2Jasmine WangSurgical face mask 500Center for Systems Science and EngineeringChinese American Supports Hospital\/ Frank ChenComplete
3Maccura Biotechnology Co., Ltd.2019-nCov Nucleic Acid Detection Kit: 10,000JHMIHong BiComplete\/Testing lab chose to use in-house developed kits
4Qing Tan on behalf of The Alumni Association of BME of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shenzhen KTC Medical Solutions CO.,LTD., and PowerSite Electrics CO., LTDSANQI RIZSQ100Sb N95 medical mask3,060CSC\/JHHQing Tan, Xiangjun, Guan Li, Frank ChenComplete
5Chenren Shao3M 187060JHMIXiuyun LiuComplete
6CUSPEA Scholars KN95500JHMI\/Hopkins ClubPhillip Chen\/Frank ChenComplete
7GD HealthKindKN95; Surgical mask500; 2000JHMI\/Hopkins ClubPhillip Chen\/Frank ChenComplete
8Zhejiang University Arizona Alumni Association (ZJUAAA)3M N9560ACCM\/JHHJin Xu, Xiuyun LiuComplete
9Chinese American Residents in Great Washington Area3M N95108ACCM\/JHHXiuyun LiuComplete
10Hopkins ClubRegular masks500IMET\/UMDYantao Li; Frank Chen; Jun ZhongComplete
11ihealth lab, IncN951,000ACCM\/JHHXiuyun LiuComplete
12Zenni OpticalNiosh surgical mask300ACCM\/JHHXiuyun LiuComplete
13Delikai ShenzhenSurgical mask300ACCM\/JHHXiuyun LiuComplete
14Chinese American Residents in Great Washington Area3M Goggles 3ACCM\/JHHXiuyun LiuComplete
16Hopkins ClubRegular masks300Carey\/JHUGe Gao; Lying LuoComplete
17Tiffany Wen and her friendsCoverall97Suburban HospitalTiffany Wen; Wei CuiComplete*\nOne more case in transit
18Chinese American Support HospitalsN95100Pediatric Orthopedic\/JHH Ping Lu; Yaya; Xiuyun Liu; Cheng MaComplete
19JHMI A FamilyMAK9500 masks2000CSC\/JHHTao Yu; Zixuan Pang; Hao Jia and more…Complete
20Hopkins Club3M N95; KN9520; 100MIEMSS HELICOPTER SQUADTang Ting; Zhai ChongpuComplete
21Hopkins ClubSurgical Gloves40Pathology\/JHMIXiya WangComplete
22Linda CaiKN9520Frank Sun, D.D.S., PC, in Novi, MichiganHua XieComplete
23Lutherville Timonium Chinese CommunitySurgical Mask420CSC\/JHMITiffany Wen; Mali JiangComplete
24Lutherville Timonium Chinese CommunityRegular Mask500KKI\/JHMITiffany Wen; Mali JiangComplete
25Xi’an Jiaotong University Alumni AssociationSurgical Mask3,000CSC\/JHHFrank Chen; Mali Jiang; Feihu WangComplete
26Chinese Parents and JHU FacultyFaceshield10,000CSC\/JHHDianna Yin and ~40 JHU student parents; Honggang Cui and 10 JHU faculty membersComplete
27Rocky, JHU AlumniDonation$5,000COVID-19 RELIEFTao YuComplete
28Victor, JHU AlumniDonation$1,000COVID-19 RELIEFTao YuComplete
29Ziqi Zhao, Chegnhao, ZhuAmyless Disposable Mask1,000CSC\/JHHFrank ChenComplete
30JHMI A FamilySANQI RIZSQ100Sb N95 medical mask4700CSC\/JHHTao Yu; Zixuan Pang; Hao Jia and more…Complete
31Kailaing Ren, JHU Alumni 3M N9520JHMIFrank ChenComplete
32Jianlin Song, JHU AlumniDonationRMB 1,000COVID-19 RELIEFTao YuComplete
33Liu Hong, Fuwai Hospital; JHMI Alumni3M 1860; Surgical Mask40; 240 CVSICU\/JHHLiu HongComplete

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