Eastern time 5:30 p.m. on February 21, Dr. David Greenwald, Director of Corporate 
Relations at JHTV, shared his valuable opinions about innovation programs and 
opportunities at JHTV with the Hopkins Club for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
and all friends from JHU-CSSA.

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) is the intellectual property administration 
center of the Johns Hopkins University. In addition to serving as the licensing, 
patent and technology commercialization office for Johns Hopkins researchers and 
inventors, JHTV also supports the growth of startup companies in and around the 
university and is an active liaison to parties interested in leveraging university 
research or materials for academic or corporate endeavors.

In his presentation, Dr. Greenwald focused on the organizations of JHTV, detailed functions 
of each organization, and also some valuable marketing observations in life sciences. 
In addition, he explained how JHTV can benefit start-up companies with both softwares and 
hardwares, and especially funding opportunities. Using the collaboration experience with 
major companies as an example, David illustrated the expected achievements which are
facilitated by the instructions and supports from JHTV innovation mentors.


We are looking forward to our second Innovation Salon in 2018!