Hopkins Startup Salon Series-2:

Innovation Commercialization and A Fit Plan |Charles Li

Speaker: Charles Li, MBA,
Senior Director of Business Development, Poochon Scientific LLC

Abstract: To start a new business, you shall take at least three months’ hard work to project at least two years down the road. If you don’t get it right, you may worked yourself away from your dream. In his talk, Charles will illustrate an effective method adopted by NSF and NIH on how to validate customers for a product/service with examples he had collected from his life.


开始创业前,至少需要三个月的努力工作为将来两年做全盘的计划。 Charles将讲述NSF和NIH创业训练营的提倡的一种有效的创业计划方法,同时也用实践过程中收集的例子,分享如何从客户出发的验证创业产品/服务。